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Integrated Management Systems Policy Statement

Integrated Management Systems/POL/6001 Issue 2 05/03/2020

Integrated Management Systems Policy Statement

As a supply chain and freight forwarding organisation, EV Cargo Global Forwarding recognises the importance of environmental protection, the safety & health of our employees and are committed to operating our business responsibly, and in accordance with all legal requirements. It is our objective to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to meet all necessary requirements and to continually improve safety, health, environmental and quality performance.

The organisation will foster:- Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality awareness and understanding in all employees, suppliers, customers, subcontractors and other stakeholders; ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislation and this policy. We review the performance of our integrated management systems at least annually to identify areas of improvement, set specific objectives and target dates for achievements to continually improve our processes and procedures.

EV Cargo Global Forwarding is Committed to:

  • Protecting the environment, our colleague’s health, safety, wellbeing and security to promote a positive and engaged culture throughout the organisation
  • Providing the necessary resources and environment that promote safe and clean working practices
  • Ensuring responsibilities and authorities are determined, communicated and supported
  • Ensuring that industry good practice is used at all times
  • Maintaining and enhancing customer expectations and satisfaction

To achieve this, we shall:

  • Lead by example integrating IMS responsibilities into everyday working practice
  • Maintain and review a register of risk and opportunity in relation to our interested parties
  • Invest in our people and ensure adequate infrastructure, equipment, processes and systems
  • Ensure all staff are informed of the IMS policy statement
  • Promote risk based thinking
  • Monitor & measure all aspects of IMS via regular inspection and audit, both internally and externally engage, consult and communicate with our colleagues and provide information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure and enhance IMS awareness and competency

Safety & Health

Reduce and mitigate risks of ill health, accidents, hazards and near misses by:

  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, providing and maintaining plant, equipment or machinery and ensuring safe storage and handling of substances.
  • Ensuring an emergency response and evacuation plan is in implemented and tested
  • Promote safety, health, wellbeing and a greener environment for all associated with EV Cargo Global Forwarding
  • Ensuring colleagues understand that they also have a responsibility for their own H & S and those who may be affected by their work

Environmental Impacts

Our aim is to absolutely and comprehensively reduce our carbon footprint. Having reviewed specifically our UK business, activities and services, our significant environmental impacts are associated with the use of fuel, road traffic, energy usage and waste disposal. In order to reduce the negative impacts as much as practicable we commit to the following:

  • Continually improving recycling and waste disposal
  • Reducing carbon emissions and the consumption of energy and water
  • Monitoring our activities and processes to ensure efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation
  • Identify areas of business activity which may cause pollution and implement sufficient
    control measures to prevent pollution


Maintain and enhance our customer satisfaction by:

  • Seeking structured feedback from our customers
  • Identifying, implementing and maintain systems of process improvement
  • Continually promote the reporting of nonconformities and review effectiveness thereof
  • Review, revise develop and maintain applicable documented information
  • Review this policy annually unless changes are required and make available on request of interested parties


Printed: Clyde Buntrock, CEO

Date: 14/12/20

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