EV Cargo Technology account manager Szabina Varga has become a children’s yoga teacher after completing 100 hours of training.

Szabina took the Kids Yoga Training course at one of the most famous yoga studios in Hong Kong, Anahata Yoga.

Szabina, who has been with EV Cargo Technology since 2017, said: “The masters are from India and, besides their great knowledge, they are living a yogic life, which is very inspirational.

“I believe yoga is a great tool to create harmony in our life.

“Yoga is not just fancy poses, it is so much more than that. It is a way of living. The more I deepened my knowledge about yoga – completing prenatal yoga and the 200 hours’ teacher training – made me realise it is not for adults only, but equally important for children.

“Finding balance within, understanding our body and mind is for everyone at any age and there are different ways to achieve it. Yoga can be fun and serious, loud and silent, energizing and relaxing. When I do yoga – whether I teach or practice myself – I get a lot of energy, relief, joy. I am trying to pass this on to my students.”

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