Convenience, quality and speed.

All have become cornerstones of expectation amongst consumers in today’s fast-paced global marketplace.

With these increased demands, the need for seamless supply chain solutions has never been more urgent. Whether engaged in domestic or international scale operations, businesses are now expected to develop dynamic logistics solutions in order to keep up with rapidly evolving customer preferences.

Fortunately, EV Cargo provides a range of leading supply chain solutions designed to exceed customer expectations and aid businesses from around the globe in optimising their supply chain operations.

Experienced in working alongside the world’s leading brands, we provide a comprehensive range of services to support every stage of consumer supply chains, delivering integrated solutions that encompass freight forwarding, logistics, value added services and much more, each powered by our 3000+ professionals and ONE EV Cargo technology.

Let’s uncover the strategies, technology and capabilities that have led EV Cargo to connect consumers with their favourite brands.      

Specialist Solutions

At EV Cargo, we provide a complete source-to-shelf operating model.

Offering unrivalled experience in handling consumer goods supply chains across a range of market sectors both domestically and internationally.

Globally recognised brands trust us to integrate our intuitive technologies into their wider supply chain, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that consumers have access to the products they want.

Our ONE EV Cargo platform, combined with our range of services enables us to deliver an all-in-one solution to consumer goods supply chain management, supporting consumer goods brands throughout every stage of their operations. 

Merchandise Planning

Vital in markets that experience fast moving trends, with our merchandise planning solutions, our supply chain specialists strategically analyse sales data and market trends to allow for informed demand forecasting. This ensures an optimised inventory management process and lowers the risks of over or under stocking.

Our integrated range of SaaS supply chain management software modules enable businesses to identify potential trends and demand spikes early by providing real time data on inventory levels and flow of goods. EV Cargo’s technology solutions assist businesses in creating a more refined planning strategy that allows the dynamic scaling of their operations, maximising profits and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Direct Sourcing

EV Cargo has offices based in all key direct sourcing origins throughout Asia, utilising our experience and effective PO management to create improved collaboration between suppliers and businesses. EV Cargo’s specialists are able to assist in identifying suppliers that suit individual businesses needs, quality standards and ethical considerations. Our specialised sourcing modules allow users to share multimedia product briefs and full technical specification packs as well as managing the quotation process throughout finalisation, minimising the need for intermediaries as our technology enables users to map their supply chains from manufacturer to consumer more efficiently.

Ordering and Scheduling

Leveraging our innovative technology platform allows consumer goods brands in a range of industries to ensure that they are better positioned to meet fluctuating demands and provide effective customer fulfilment. Our technology modules combined with the support of our experts, help consumer goods businesses to prevent the waste of capital.

With real time analytics and supply chain transparency our technology empowers businesses to make data driven decisions, determining the optimal times to order from suppliers and manufacturers in line with inventory levels and demand. Integrated technology solutions from EV Cargo allow our customers to streamline their inventory and order management. 

Quality Inspection & Approval

By implementing intricate quality inspection and approval processes businesses can rely on supplier compliance and accountability. Identifying potential quality issues before products are shipped or worse reach customers themselves, is critical to protecting brand reputation, cost control and minimising recalls. Our compliance modules allow businesses to manage everything from quality control, package optimisation and partner collaboration on one platform.

This technology gives users the ability to schedule and book quality control inspections, share results or approvals whilst allowing direct online access to third party inspectors. This ability to seamlessly share and manage important information such as ethical audits ensures consumer good supply chains are compliant with both quality standards and regulatory requirements.   

Freight Transportation

A key pillar in the strength of any supply chain is of course the transportation of freight, after all, a lack of an effective means of moving goods through your supply chain will trigger a domino effect. Fortunately, at EV Cargo we excel in delivering flexible and reliable means of freight transportation across a range of modes. Our extensive global network allows us to deliver over $60 billion of goods annually. ONE EV Cargo software provides users with the ability to manage and track goods during the transport process right down to SKU level. This increased visibility ensures that shipments are carefully monitored from collection to final delivery, arriving in-full and on-time. 

Storage and Final Mile Delivery

At EV Cargo, we are able to facilitate the safe storage of your inventory with our agile on-demand warehousing solutions. Our network of 50+ 3PL partners across the UK and Europe means that we are able to adapt to your warehousing requirements.

Our customers benefit from bespoke storage and fulfilment options including final mile delivery for both domestic and international supply chains.

Powered by a network of major courier service providers, your goods can be efficiently transported from our warehousing facilities directly to the end customer, ideal for urgent deliveries or small freight consignments.

Using route optimisation software alongside real-time GPS and delivery monitoring technology ensures minimal disruptions and accurate ETAs for your customers, minimising the risk of delays or bottlenecks within your supply chain and improving overall satisfaction.

Integrated Technology

Everything we do here at EV Cargo is supported by our advanced supply chain management software. Our integrated technology platform can be utilised at every stage of your supply chain operations to source, select, order, ship, track, clear customs and even deliver. Powered by real-time data tracking and analytics, our all-in-one platform is used by our customers to carefully monitor every facet of their supply chains, making informed, data driven decisions to identify risks early and improve overall operational efficiency. 

With a range of modules available, each specifically equipped to handle the various stages of your operation, our advanced supply chain platform is utilised by over 20,000 supply chain professionals to power global trade.      

Supply Chain Experts

Major consumer goods brands in the Fashion, Home & Living, Drinks, Food & Grocery and eCommerce industries trust EV Cargo’s expertise to deliver precision supply chain management across all sales channels from the high street to online.

We have over 60 years of experience in delivering supply chain solutions that are carefully tailored to suit the individual requirements of your business.

To learn more about any of our advanced supply chain software technologies or other services, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.