With a population of 685 million, covering countries boasting some of the most dynamic modern economies in the world, South East Asia is a region with huge potential. Not only is it a rapidly-growing market, but in the equally fast-moving sphere of global logistics it offers new and exciting opportunities and alternatives to traditional sourcing strategies.

That’s why EV Cargo sees South East Asia as a key market to help deliver its overall growth strategy and has been rapidly expanding its presence and capability in the area over the last few months as it focuses on extending its global network.

Since 2019 EV Cargo has served many market-leading companies in the region, as well as a growing list of small to medium businesses. But this year it is expanding across South East Asia, establishing company offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in addition to growing capabilities at existing offices and warehouses in Singapore and Myanmar.

By doing so, it aims to further integrate and enhance its growing global operation into a market economy which already benefits from free trade agreements, increased infrastructure investment and diversified sourcing strategies.

It’s these factors which have seen Vietnam experience rapid growth in sea freight to USA over the last three years. There are also greater volume flows within the intra-Asia region with cross border eCommerce set to become a driver for future growth – leading to high economy growth rates, expanded GDP and positive economic projections for the region.

Specialising in air and sea freight, cross border eCommerce, warehouse and customs services in the region, EV Cargo will offer customers access to emerging international trade lanes and previously untapped growth markets, as well as providing multi-country consolidation services, sea to air conversion, value added services and final mile distribution.

It has plans for expansion into new markets, leveraging EV Cargo technology, systems, supply chain expertise and vertical capabilities.

“South East Asia offers exciting growth opportunities for EV Cargo and we’re executing quickly across the region to expand our presence and build a robust EV Cargo network underpinned by professional teams,” explains Justin Bentley, EV Cargo Vice President, South East Asia.

“At the heart of this strategy is investment in local expertise – people with extensive knowledge of each market, who know every detail of the local freight forwarding, shipping and logistics trends and know where EV Cargo can capitalise on opportunities.

“And we’re working fast to make it happen: we expect to double our headcount on the ground in the next 18 months, and we’ve made six senior appointments in the past three months.

“There is significant potential for development of trade and growth in South East Asia and EV Cargo sees that expansion playing a key role in its wider growth strategy.

“This is set to be one of the most exciting regions in the supply chain arena over the next decade as sourcing strategies change to protect against future supply chain disruption. Cross-border eCommerce volumes remain a driver for future growth with Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore leading the way, and we are looking forward to using our combined experience to leverage the market opportunities that exist there.”

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