On 25th May EV Cargo Technology spoke at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2017 China Focus (SCCN2017) in Shanghai, China. The theme this year was “Digitalization. Revolution. Success.” and the summit addressed topics across various sessions focussing on Supply Chain Innovation, Digitalization, Visibility, Innovative Supply Chain Technologies, e-Commerce Supply Chains, Cross-Functional Collaboration. This event was developed by and for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals.

There were over 30+ speakers at the event addressing the topics across Supply Chain Management Trends, Logistics Innovation and Technology, Sustainability and latest hotspots. On both the days there were few panel discussions who covered various topics such as supply chain digitalization, revolution and success; the Internet + Supply Chain; overcoming challenges on maintaining visibility, transparency and real-time information in multi-layered supply chains and more.

Our Business Development Director from APAC, James Hargraves, was one of the speakers at the summit and presented his vision on “Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management.”  He shared the insights on why supply chain systems are becoming an integral part of any successful supply chain organisation. The presentation focused on how current supply chain systems offer more data than ever before and are excellent at manually managing exceptions. However in future, using predictive analytics, organisations will be notified of issues as well as presented the best outcomes to address these based on a huge pool of historical data and live update resources from the cloud.

His presentation featured a day-to-day comparison scenario of present and near future in supply chain process. This comparison clearly explained the gaps in our current supply chain operations and how big data, machine learning, and internet of things (IoT) will play a major role using historical data across millions of shipping and inventory management tools to make better and accurate decisions.

shainghai summit

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