Over 130 delegates attended the inaugural senior management conference held by EV Cargo, the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics network. The People 365 event was the first since the network launched last year and focused on updating management with the group’s vision and strategy for the future.

Delegates included executives from EV Cargo’s individual operating companies –, Adjuno, Allport Cargo Services, CM Downton, Jigsaw, NFT and Palletforce – along with the full EV Cargo executive board.

EV Cargo has made considerable progress since its formation less than 12 months ago, when it was created with the aim of revolutionising supply chain management under a single consolidated brand.

During that period, executives have been appointed to the EV Cargo board and across the individual operating companies. In addition, group functions have been established, including property, marketing, finance, fleet, procurement, technology, key accounts, legal and treasury.

There has been major investment in new technology, in new people to fill vital roles and operating systems have been put in place to ensure the seamless running of the network. Vehicle liveries incorporating EV Cargo branding have also been rolled out.

EV Cargo chief executive Heath Zarin and chief strategy officer Simon Pearson used the opportunity to reinforce the shared goals and values and explained to managers how they have an essential role to play in driving the business forward as a market leader in the sector.

People 365 will become a key event in the calendar to help management engage with and understand the company’s strategy for growth and adding value.

Heath Zarin, EV Cargo chief executive, said: “Our mission is to manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands. In the long-term we aim to radically transform the logistics industry and we have worked hard to ensure the infrastructure is in place to make that vision a reality.

“We are focused on growth, to become one of the world’s leading logistics companies, and the unique selling point of EV Cargo will always be the collective expertise of our individual companies and the brilliant people who work for them, which is why an event like this is so important.

“Our task is to drive home the message that EV Cargo is the market leader in our sector, connecting trade and connecting people, enabling growth and creating opportunity. The people who stand at the front line of our business will have an essential part to play in promoting the power of the EV Cargo brand.”

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