Expert freight for your sector

In vital specialist industries, service reliability is essential.

At EV Cargo we continue to utilise our unparalleled experience and expertise to manage complex supply chains across several time-critical industries, including – 

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Livestock
  • Marine
  • Pharma & Healthcare

In these high-value specialist verticals, potential supply chain interruptions can be extremely costly.

With EV Cargo’s specialist logistics services, our experts support these industries by delivering leading supply chain software, optimising their operations and using data driven insights to mitigate potential risks.

Let’s explore how our specialised solutions and global network continue to power major industries.       

aerospace freight logistics
Fast freight for the aerospace sector
energy freight logistics
A range of freight options for the energy sector


The aerospace sector demands precision, efficiency and reliability.

Our aerospace industry experts understand the intricacies of this highly complex industry, allowing us to optimise supply chain performance in pressurised time-sensitive environments.

Powered by our dedicated fleets and road carriers, our regional hubs located in Amsterdam, London, Dubai and Singapore provide our customers with integrated global aerospace networks.

With our flexible year round operating model, our EASA 145, FAA trained staff are always on hand to ensure that aircraft downtime is minimised whilst managing the complex process of customs clearance.We deliver complete logistics support to the aerospace sector, including compliant storage solutions and inventory management services with in-depth asset tracking that feature batch and serial number control, allowing complete visibility of goods.

Energy Sector

We are proud of our expert reputation for managing supply chains in the global energy industry.

Our energy sector experts understand the challenges of this unique field, whether it’s for oil, gas or renewable energy supply chains we have an adaptable solution to meet your requirements.

Driven by our comprehensive air, sea and road freight services operating across our global network, EV Cargo customers benefit from efficient international shipments between the key international supply chain hubs located in –

  • Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia

Extensive experience in the energy sector allows us to mitigate the risk of any potential disruptions to your operations and ensures the on-time shipping of critical parts orders. Our team possesses specialist knowledge in the safe and secure handling of cargo and customs clearance requirements.


Our commitment to the well-being of animals in transit has made us a trusted partner for the livestock sector.

Leveraging our extensive selection of dedicated horse stalls and cattle crates, we have the capabilities and flexible services to move your livestock in a secure high care environment.

EV Cargo’s highly trained industry professionals accompany your livestock throughout the transit process to guarantee their comfort and security.

With our air freight network, supported by our expert teams, we remove the difficulties of international livestock shipping, providing a door to door service that includes all primary origin and destination markets.

horse freight logistics
Discuss your live animal transport requirements with us.

Our customers can rely on our specialist teams to handle the complexities associated with border formalities, customs clearance and international regulation, ensuring a seamless livestock supply chain operation.


Appreciating the importance of timely and complete shipments, EV Cargo is a leading specialist in managing supply chains for sea freight carriers and operators, offering the latest cut off times for your mission critical parts orders.

We understand the intricate nature of vessel operations, with our global network of offices, located in key marine supply chain hubs, we have the coverage and flexibility to provide effective air and sea freight services from all major marine part manufacturing zones.

Backed by our cutting edge supply chain control towers, we are able to coordinate complex supply chain synchronisation, facilitating the smooth and efficient inbound flow of your bill of materials.

From the storage of vital vessel components and spare parts at one of our specialised warehouses, to the in full delivery of large consolidated shipments, EV Cargo has the expertise to provide maximum storage and handling services, minimising the risk of disruption to your vessel operations.

Pharma and Healthcare

Compliant with the stringent regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, EV Cargo’s teams of GDP-trained pharma and healthcare supply chain professionals meticulously manage every aspect of crucial international shipments.

Our specialised hub in Amsterdam is equipped to provide temperature controlled storage and handling, utilising cutting edge temperature logging technology and dry ice during transit to maintain a high care environment.

The timely transport of pharmaceutical and healthcare supplies is vital and with EV Cargo’s extensive air, sea and road freight services, we are able to facilitate efficient international shipments between key pharma and healthcare supply chain hubs across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Logistics Excellence

At EV Cargo, we continue to redefine the standard of logistics services, specialising a wide selection of supply chain management solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the various industries we serve.

Our unwavering commitment to precision has allowed us to optimise the supply chain efficiency of some of the world’s biggest brands.For more information regarding any of our innovative services, reach out to our experts to discuss your requirements.