A few years ago, I attended an event as part of the Google’s Women Techmakers Program, which provides resources for women in technology. During the event, I had the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers from companies in the tech industry, discussing how women make contributions to technology. It was a chance to meet likeminded individuals, sharing our journeys and connecting.

One of the speakers highlighted the male to female ratio on courses like Computer Science and Computer Engineering in Hong Kong universities and although the number of women is increasing, it is still relatively low. I believe that gender diversity needs to be promoted more in schools, showcasing to young women that they are just as able as anyone else to do roles that are considered to be male-oriented.

Following the event, I realised that this isn’t just the case for the technology industry, there is still a gender-imbalance across a wide range of industries.
I believe that diversity is the key component to drive the technology industry forward as more businesses are taking the correct measures to ensure they have a gender-balanced workforce. We should be proud of the contributions so many inspiring women have given to this industry and help encourage more women to achieve their full potential.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women techmakers in EV Cargo Technology and Industry-wide!