Providing experience, expertise and global connections, here at EV Cargo we are driven by a passion to provide innovative customer solutions in the fields of supply chain management and freight transport logistics.

With over 60 years ago as a UK freight forwarder, we have since grown into a world leading logistics supplier for the secure and sustainable transportation of over $60bn of merchandise per year, managing the supply chain of global brands.

Our comprehensive range of services has enabled some of the world’s largest brands to continue to connect with the global economy.

These services include – 

As well as the services mentioned above, we also offer comprehensive road freight services.

When Road Freight Excels

A fundamental component of the logistics and freight transportation industries, road freight services provide an accessible means of moving goods by road using vehicles such as trucks and vans.   

Connecting cities, towns and regions by providing a crucial land link for the transportation of merchandise, road freight shipments allow businesses to supply their products to a wider market.

There are many advantages to the utilisation of road freight services, these include –

  • Versatility – A vast range of goods can be transported via road freight, including consumer products, raw materials, industrial equipment and more. Road freight shipments are suitable for both large and small cargo.
  • Direct Delivery – In some instances, road freight offers a streamlined means of goods transportation. Merchandise can be simply picked up from a supplier warehouse or shipper location and delivered directly to a customer location without the need for additional transfers.
  • Frequent Service – Road freight services often operate on regular schedules, meaning frequent transit times and goods that can be delivered frequently.
  • Cost Effective – When moving merchandise over shorter distances or regionally, road freight shipments can provide a more cost effective solution to goods transportation.

At EV Cargo, our advancements and innovative technologies have allowed us to overcome some of the most common challenges usually associated with road freight. Our logistics practices ensure that transit is minimally affected by issues such as traffic congestion, weather conditions and capacity constraints.

When Should You Consider Road Freight

Road freight can provide an ideal solution when you require flexibility, fast transit over shorter distances and the transportation of smaller goods which don’t meet the necessary capacity of a full cargo container or aircraft.

Road freight also mitigates the difficulties associated with air and sea freight as there is typically less dependence on shipping ports and airports. By utilising road networks, goods can be easily transported between locations.

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EV Cargo: Supply Chain Specialists

Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, EV Cargo operates over 3 million square feet of warehousing, powered by our 400+ strong fleet of trucks. We work alongside leading airlines, ocean carriers and road freight carriers to provide our customers with an integrated supply chain solution.

We transport the following volumes of goods annually –

  • Over 270,000 TEU of sea freight
  • 90,000 Tonnes of air freight
  • 4.2m Tonnes of LTL and 500,000 FTL of road freight

Utilising our strategic regional partnerships and our state-of-the-art pallet sortation hub, we can efficiently process 30,000 pallets of freight per night from our one of a kind facility in the UK.

Our innovative technologies allow for real-time integrated cab telematics, meaning that we can react proactively to emerging issues and ensure on time delivery.

We also consider the environmental impact of our processes, our national network of traffic offices professional use AI technology to maximise full-load running, eliminating empty miles and unnecessary emissions.  

By establishing global connections, outstanding supply chain professionals and value creation, we are here to help you reduce operational costs, improve customer service and maximise your productivity.

With our mindset of sustainable growth and our ever expanding capabilities, we aim to facilitate trade, create value and provide our customers with industry leading knowledge.

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