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4PL and Transport Management Solutions

Fully integrated logistics and transport management solutions with a single, centralised point of contact to manage all transport supply chain operations and maximise global opportunities. Our award-winning 4PL managed service is powered by cloud-based technology, driving visibility and control for the customer.

4PL Logistics and Managed Transport at a glance

End-to-end ambient solutions

We offer a full suite of integrated warehouse and distribution services to fulfil your end-to-end supply chain.

Direct distribution

Flexible and scalable logistics and transport management solutions through our network of trusted partner hauliers.

Groupage transport

Ideal for part loads and specialist consignments when complete traceability and integrity is required.

Reverse logistics

Managing the return flow of goods and materials back to the manufacturer or the logistics network for correct disposal.

Leading technology

Accurate, complete and consistent data, giving open access and visibility of live data control. Seamlessly integrates with ERP, TMS and tracking systems.


End-to-end real time information and automatic order transfer.

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What is 4PL and Managed Transport?

4PL means fourth-party logistics and is focused on optimising the supply chain and they act as a single point of contact for the whole supply chain. Our managed transport service offers unrivalled, regional expertise. We hand-select our haulage partners, placing greater emphasis on well-established, service-led hauliers that are both agile and reliable. Read our case study on how we were able to provide transport management solutions to one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, allowing improved efficiency and cost reduction.

Read the case study

The four cornerstones of 4PL

Our award-winning 4PL and transport managed service is achieved using our four cornerstones of 4PL success and is underpinned by our approach to market-leading technology. Our power is captured through our cloud-based technology which continues to drive visibility and control for you, our customer.

Industry experience & proven success

Our focus is you. Using our expertise, we focus on operational excellence to create well-balanced strategies that reduce cost, maximise assets and add value to all stakeholders.

Customer focus and alignment

Bringing customers to the forefront of our operation creates a synergy that enables them to focus on achieving unprecedented levels of success, with the reassurance of scalability, adaptability and satisfaction.

Well-established non-asset network

Our non-asset-based network is a huge complement to our 4PL managed service offering unrivalled, regional expertise. We remove the complexities from distribution, working as advocates for your brand without an investment in assets and equipment that impacts your bottom line. We hand-select our haulage partners, placing greater emphasis on well-established, service-led hauliers that are agile and reliable.

Centralised integration

We provide a fully integrated service with a single, centralised point of contact to manage all transport operations. We’ll match your culture and integrate ourselves to become a vital extension of your business.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s 4PL and Managed Transport service

A 4PL is a fourth-party logistics provider and it essentially takes third-party logistics (3PL) a step further by managing resources, technology, infrastructure, and even manage external 3PLs to design, build and provide supply chain solutions for businesses.

We operate class-leading technology and cutting-edge systems to provide customers with full access to live data and unrivalled visibility of their consignments in storage and during transport.

Our managed transport solution benefits from a national fleet and customer network. We plan routes to ensure local trucks collect your goods and then go on to other local jobs after delivery. With a network of customers and delivery sites across the UK, we reduce empty running and emissions – helping to provide you with a sustainable solution.

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How we can revolutionise the Supply Chain at your organisation

EV Cargo’s technology-based solutions give you full visibility of your entire supply chain and our sector-leading analytics systems identify issues and inefficiencies and can predict problems before they happen.

With your supply chain partners also able to access data relevant to them, EV Cargo provides everyone with up-to-the-minute data and makes managing your supply chain simple and effective.

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