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Shipping from China to the UK

Effective Long Distance Freight Solutions

Efficiently transporting goods from key Chinese manufacturing hubs is at the foundation of operations for many businesses. That’s why at EV Cargo, we have a vast strategic network of freight solutions that allow shipping from China to the UK in a reliable, regular and cost-effective manner.

In fact, thanks to our partnerships with the world’s leading ocean carriers we were able to move a total of 23,363.80 TEU of sea freight from May 2023 to April 2024.

Our Services

Sea Freight Services

Our sea freight services make international shipping from China seamless and worry-free. Operating from all of China’s main ports, with both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) options available, we are able to accommodate shipments of all sizes and volumes.

Plus, with our powerful ONE EV Cargo technology, our customers can easily manage and track their shipments in real time as well as change required dates, delivery locations and even split or re-direct orders with a simple tap. 


Air Freight Services

Air freight services from EV Cargo are one of the fastest and most efficient means of long-distance cargo delivery. Ideal for high-value cargo and time-sensitive shipments, air freight provides enhanced security of goods throughout handling and transit.

Our reputable airline partners adhere to strict schedules and flight frequencies, allowing businesses to plan and execute their logistics operations with predictability. This is especially important for industries that rely on precise scheduling, such as manufacturing or medical supply chains.

Air Freight

ECO-AIR: Hybrid Solutions

ECO-AIR by EV Cargo is the epitome of innovative freight solutions, seamlessly blending air and sea transportation for efficient and cost-effective shipping from China to the UK.

With a focus on reliability, flexibility, and security, ECO-AIR offers tailor-made options that cater to specific requirements, providing a choice of price points and transit times.

By leveraging strategically located transhipment hubs and premium carriers, ECO-AIR ensures faster transit times compared to traditional ocean freight services.

This unique approach not only optimises logistics but also offers a compelling alternative that combines the speed of air freight with the affordability of sea freight.

Key Benefits of ECO-AIR

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Hear from our experts:

Sea freight is most often the cheapest option, but it is not the fastest. It is a great product for the customers who have forecasted well, so they can reap some cost savings back. In retail for example, brands often buy well ahead of the season so that shipping from Asia to Europe is cost effective.

For many of our customers, ECO-AIR offers a cost-effective blend of air and sea freight. You can read all about the benefits of this air and sea freight service here. Using a range of ad-hoc purchasing and block space agreements, we ensure our customers have the space they need for delivery from China to UK. If you’re looking for a short term agreement, or a longer term contract, we’ve got a range of flexible options for you.

Customs and Trade

Contract Logistics

On Demand Logistics

Ocean Freight Container Ship

Powered by Technology

Our cutting-edge supply chain software puts you in control. Track your shipments in real-time, manage documents with ease, and gain valuable insights to optimise your logistics strategy. By utilising our unique compliance modules, you can efficiently manage everything from quality control, package optimisation, ethical trade and partner collaboration.  

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supply chain software

Enhancing Global Supply Chains

Our specialists are able to assist in every aspect of navigating international trade regulations, providing expert support on –

  • Tariff Classifications
  • Goods Declaration
  • Rules of Origin
  • Customs Valuation
  • Trade Restrictions

We are also able to facilitate the efficient transportation of specialist shipments such as pharmaceuticals goods, aerospace components and even livestock.

We operate across 150 countries and have over 2500 logistics professionals on hand to answer your queries with local knowledge.

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