The lion dance and pig ceremonies are meant to bring good luck and prosperity, it’s an old tradition to offer the gods a roasted suckling pig, served with some fruits for digestion.

EV Cargo CEO and EmergeVest founder Heath Zarin, chief strategy officer Simon Pearson and EV Cargo Technology’s chief operating officer Asia Pacific Duncan Grewcock had the honour of cutting open the roasted pig to bring luck and fortune to EV Cargo Technology and EV Cargo.

Duncan Grewcock said: ”Moving into our new location, right next door to our owner and much nearer to our customer base, can only help EV Cargo Technology achieve its ambitious growth targets. Kowloon Bay is a thriving business district – a preferred location for many sourcing and supply chain companies and offers a talent pool of retail and IT industry skills.

“Built on the strong footing of over 20 years’ experience in delivering cloud-based product development and supply chain management solutions, EV Cargo Technology connects organisations’ end-to-end supply chain with their trading partners, so that they can offer the best quality of service and products to their end customers.”

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