At EV Cargo, we understand the complexities associated with supply chain management and freight transportation.

Over the last 60 years, we have grown into a leading provider of global supply chain services with over 3000 people across 100+ locations globally.

Thousands of customers rely on us to deliver first-class logistics services delivered by powerful technology and outstanding professionals.

Our comprehensive range of services has enabled some of the world’s largest brands to continue to connect with the global economy.

These services include – 

Alongside those listed above, we also offer comprehensive Air and Sea Freight services.

Let’s explore both in more detail, helping you to decide which mode of cargo transportation is better suited to your requirements.

Air Freight

We transport over 90,000 tonnes of cargo by air annually, thanks to the strategic relationships that we maintain with the world’s leading airlines.

Air freight services from EV Cargo provide one of the fastest and most efficient means of long-distance cargo delivery.

By utilising our innovative regional air hubs located in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, we are able to coordinate a wide global network that links over 2,400 country pairs worldwide.  

This means that no matter where you are shipping to or from, air freight delivery provides the means of connecting the world’s largest cities with even the remotest areas around the globe.

Air freight is also ideal for high-value cargo and time-sensitive shipments, providing enhanced security of goods throughout both handling and transit.

Another key addition to air freight services from EV Cargo is our offering of both multimodal and hybrid air freight solutions. This involves the seamless integration of air freight with modes such as road, rail or sea transportation, allowing a swift and effective means of moving goods.

By providing flexible options, our customers benefit from faster transit times and optimised cost management.

Sea Freight

At EV Cargo our global sea freight services are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, with both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) options available, we are able to accommodate shipments of all sizes and volumes.

In-fact, our connections with world-leading ocean carriers enables us to move over 270,000 TEU of sea freight every year.

Not only is sea freight a more economical mode of cargo transportation, it has the added benefit of being the most carbon efficient means of moving even the largest volumes of goods, producing fewer exhaust emissions per ton of cargo transported than any other shipping method.

Backed by our offices in all major Asian and European gateways, sea freight services from EV Cargo link over 500 country pairs every month.

This extensive network allows us to deliver a reliable end to end service from initial shipment to final mile delivery, which leverages our road, rail and barge transportation methods, ensuring that your containers get to where they need to be.And with our powerful ONE EV Cargo technology, our customers can easily manage and track their shipments in real time as well as change required dates, delivery locations and even split or re-direct orders with a simple tap. 

Which is the Right Mode for You?

Deciding which cargo transportation better suits your requirements typically comes down to a few factors.

Regulations and Restrictions – Certain types of goods such as batteries and perishables are often subject to international restrictions and regulations, particularly when transported via air freight. When deciding on a freight mode, you will need to ensure that you have considered the relevant laws and compliance for your specific cargo. 

Volume and Weight – The size and weight of your shipment plays a huge role in determining the correct freight mode. In the instance of large and heavy cargo, sea freight would provide a more compatible solution. We also provide other options for your shipment that include LCL, Eco Air and Courier Services. Our courier services ensure the cost-effective delivery of urgent and smaller freight consignments, backed up by an unrivalled technology-enabled service. At EV Cargo, we have the ability to get the best deals from major courier providers to ensure that you get the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Environmental Considerations – With an increasing focus on the environmental impact of industrial processes, some customers may opt to prioritise the most environmentally friendly method of transport option. In this instance, sea freight is considered a more environmentally friendly option when compared to air freight.

Time Sensitivity – The urgency of a shipment is a crucial consideration. In the cases of rapid delivery requirements and time sensitivity, air freight offers faster transit times.

By making the necessary considerations, you can determine the most efficient mode for your cargo transportation operation.If you require further support in discussing your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we have over 2500 logistics professionals ready to help with your queries.

Why EV Cargo?

Operating across 150 countries and backed by vast industry experience and expertise, EV Cargo is a reliable partner for your freight transportation and logistics management requirements.

Customers from a wide range of industries around the world have come to rely on us for an all-in-one supply chain solution.

With our mindset of sustainable growth and our ever-expanding capabilities, we aim to facilitate trade, create value and provide our customers with expert knowledge whilst lowering overall operational costs.

As a business, we operate at the highest standards of corporate governance, setting the standard for the industry as a whole.

Our commitment to ethical conduct, environmental responsibility and effective compliance management has allowed us to continue to build sustainable global supply chains.

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