Logistic services for your industry

There are many challenges facing industry today, but transporting parts and products on time isn’t one of them —  if you have EV Cargo onboard. 

EV Cargo is proud to be the logistical partner of choice for several key industries.

Our comprehensive industrial logistics services are uniquely tailored to provide optimal supply chain management in various industrial vertical sectors, delivering leading air and sea freight, road freight and contract logistics to ensure optimal operational performance.

We provide on-site support, technology implementation and transportation networking to your operations. If required, we can even outsource various supply chain activities to our responsible third-party logistics providers (3PL), for complete inventory management and distribution.

Let’s explore the pivotal role that EV Cargo plays in effectively managing logistics in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Paper and print
  • Technology and telecoms      
road freight
Fast freight for the automotive sector
Construction freight
A range of freight options for the construction industry

Automotive Industry

Our expert team of automotive industry professionals understand the complex requirements of the automotive industry. Whether it’s handling the agility of Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing, or the complexity of transporting lithium batteries for electric vehicles, we can help.

With our specialised warehouse facilities, we support automotive supply chains with expert storage and handling capabilities for all major components, including batteries, bulky high-value parts and fragile, intricate parts.

A high level of care and traceability is evident throughout the entire storage and transit process. Our highly trained and accredited teams specialise in the safe shipment of hazardous materials ranging from class 1 to class 9, navigating risks such as temperature variation and vibrations to ensure the safe transportation of valuable components via our global air, sea and road freight networks.

World leading automotive brands continue to trust EV Cargo for reliable distribution management, using our expertise to ensure simple customs clearance and the time critical delivery of internationally sourced components. 

With our automotive logistics services, you can minimise the risk of disruption to production lines and improve operational efficiency.

Construction and DIY industry

Our complete construction logistics services encompass everything from the safe and secure handling of heavy and bulk items at our specialist warehouses right through to final delivery. Backed by our extensive fleets and multi-channel capabilities, we provide integrated fulfilment and delivery solutions to construction sites, wholesalers or trade outlets, retailers and even direct home delivery.

The construction industry faces complex challenges. The role of the site manager has evolved significantly, becoming much more expansive. It now encompasses communication, health and safety and longer-term management challenges. Site managers rely on the reliable and safe transport of materials, to meet building deadlines.

Similarly, health and safety has been an evergreen concern for construction sites. If businesses can be assured that materials have been stored and handled correctly, this will go some way in reducing these concerns.

With our just-in-time delivery, materials and equipment are delivered to their designated site exactly when they are required for installation or use. This approach reduces the need for on-site storage and minimises the risk of materials getting damaged or stolen, which is particularly crucial for high-value construction projects. By optimising transportation routes, modes and delivery schedules, EV Cargo helps businesses in the construction and DIY sector to reduce transportation costs and reduce the risk of delays or interruptions to their supply chains.

Packaging industry

Our industrial logistics solutions offer the packaging industry unrivalled knowledge and expertise. We can support both domestic and international operations, ensuring your business meets customer delivery deadlines.

Built upon years of experience working alongside major packaging manufacturers, we are well versed in the specialist requirements of food, consumer goods and wholesale packaging. 

We work hard to maximise the amount of packaging units that can be shipped per load with our high-cube trailers and containers transported by our large dedicated fleet. 

We also incorporate on-site and networked road freight solutions powered by our central planning team to ensure optimised routes for road freight delivery and reduced transportation costs.  

Alongside supreme levels of efficiency, our packaging industry solutions also include access to our unique packaging compliance module. This cloud based technology gives our customers the assurance that transit packaging sizes are in line with the standards agreed by retailer or brand owners, reduces wastage and increases productivity by allowing for real-time visibility throughout the supply chain. 

Freight for packaging industry
EV Cargo is a leading manager of supply chains in the paper and print industry.

Our industry professionals understand the intricate lifecycle associated with raw material movements from finished goods, to recycling. 

By leveraging our high-spec fleet, we can safely and securely handle all industry related materials including giant rolls of paper, printed products, palletised paper and bales of waste paper for recycling.

Whether you’re dealing with delicate printed materials or heavy goods, EV Cargo’s logistics capabilities guarantee that your cargo arrives at its destination in the best condition.

With our integrated solutions, we can optimise the inbound and outbound flow of goods to minimise empty miles by delivering in raw materials from your suppliers and then reloading finished goods for delivery to your customers, serving to reduce environmental impact.

We also offer a comprehensive on-site management service, capable of managing entire factory logistics. We work alongside current supply chain planners to streamline operations, encompassing every stage from raw material movements through finished goods to recycling.

Technology and telecoms

One of the key pillars of EV Cargo’s service for the technology and telecoms industry is specialist handling and time critical solutions.

Our warehouse teams located in key hubs are experienced in the high-care handling of valuable technology and telecoms shipments often including sensitive electronic components, devices, and equipment.

Our meticulous approach to handling minimises the risk of damage during transportation and lowers the risk of potential unexpected costs.

We understand the time sensitivity of technology and telecoms shipments, that’s why our global network provides comprehensive service coverage by air, sea, and road freight. This extensive reach ensures that your international shipments are handled efficiently and reliably, connecting technology and telecoms hubs across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

EV Cargo’s dedicated team of supply chain professionals brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the management of technology and telecoms supply chains as well as providing guidance and support for navigating the complex regulatory and customs requirements.

Our experts are well-equipped to handle every aspect of the supply chain, including storage, handling, transportation, and customs clearance for international shipments.

Choose EV Cargo for Industrial Logistics Solutions

If you want to discuss how our leading logistics services can help to improve operational performance, reduce costs and minimise supply chain interruptions in your industry, speak to our team directly.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible supply chain management solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the various industries we serve.