In the fast moving world of fashion, businesses need to ensure that their supply chain is agile and robust enough to keep up with ever changing trends.

In such a dynamic landscape, EV Cargo understands that a reliable logistics service provider must stay ahead of the curve by offering tailored solutions that cater specifically to the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry.

From inventory management to order fulfilment, every aspect of the logistics process contributes to the overall efficiency and success of fashion logistics operations.

Global Reach

Precision and speed are vital to success in the fashion industry, with businesses striving to get products from production to store in the most efficient way possible.

Many of these businesses rely on material sourcing and goods manufacturing from locations throughout the globe, particularly in key Asian hubs such as China and India, making it crucial to establish consistent, regular and reliable freight transportation.

EV Cargo offers a range of freight modes to ensure seamless shipping from China to the UK. In fact with our comprehensive air & sea freight, road freight and hybrid solutions, we are able to connect over 2,400 country pairs worldwide every month.

Our international logistics professionals remove the complexities of navigating customs clearance, quality standards and ethical considerations. This support also extends to merchandise planning and sourcing operations, ensuring informed demand forecasting and effective supplier identification to provide a complete source to shelf operating model.

aerospace freight logistics
Fast freight for the fashion industry
Lorry and Wind Farm
A range of sustainable freight options

Speed & Efficiency

In the fashion industry, new trends emerge seemingly overnight, and consumer expectations are high, meaning that low stock and delayed shipments can mean missed opportunities and disappointed customers.

Our partnerships with leading airlines and ocean carriers, as well as our vast truck fleet and 3rd party couriers allow us to provide our customers with tailored transportation solutions to ensure that goods are moved quickly and reliably from source, right through to final mile delivery.

Not only do we optimise your means of getting goods to customers, we also offer a range of value added services that encompass specialised reverse logistics. Our UK and European LTL road freight network provides a fast and efficient collection and consolidation solution. 

Inventory Management & Order Fulfilment

Our advanced supply chain technology gives fashion businesses complete control and visibility of their inventory management and order tracking.

Utilising advanced forecasting tools and live-SKU-level inventory tracking, our software mitigates the risks and expenses that come with over or under stocking goods, allowing for an optimised flow of goods. This real-time transparency and control over your inventory management keeps your stock levels in perfect harmony with customer demand.

Our robust systems also seamlessly integrate with your online store, automatically capturing and processing customer orders.

Plus, with our contract logistics solutions, not only can we offer scalable warehouse space and transportation resources to suit the requirements of your business, our skilled warehouse personnel can meticulously pick and pack each order, ensuring accuracy and damage-free delivery.

Prioritising Sustainability

Transportation and material waste are a significant contributor to the fashion industry’s environmental footprint. 

EV Cargo’s dedicated logistics professionals precisely plan and optimise transport routes, reducing overall mileage and fuel consumption for both delivery and return freight. This translates to a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to showcase your commitment to a greener future.

By partnering with EV Cargo, you gain a trusted logistics partner who shares your commitment to sustainability. Our streamlined systems also ensure a smooth return experience for your customers, encourages responsible returns and reduces the likelihood of unwanted items being thrown away.

Speak to Our Team

At EV Cargo, we have years of experience working alongside globally recognised fashion brands, as well as businesses in a wide range of other industries.

Our dedication to quality customer service and commitment to sustainability has seen us become the partner of choice for businesses in all corners of the globe.

With EV Cargo, our customers can benefit from –

  • Reduced costs
  • Global reach
  • Improved efficiency
  • Technology integration
  • Flexible end-to-end solutions

To discover how we can help enhance your supply chain operations, contact us today for personalised support.   

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