In the unpredictable landscape of sourcing, purchase order (PO) management and logistics services, being able to pre-empt potential challenges and make intelligent, smart decisions is an absolute necessity.

The meticulous management of international sourcing, inventory levels and delivery deadlines are pivotal to ensuring an efficient and optimised supply chain. 

Our advanced supply chain management technology addresses all challenges end-to-end, from the origin factory where a product is manufactured, delivered to one of our origin warehouses from where we arrange international shipping to final destination. Our software options gives businesses the ability to make real-time, data driven decisions. Businesses that use our cloud-based modular software options have the competitive edge.  

Complete Control at Every Stage

At the heart of EV Cargo’s Supply Chain Software is the seamless orchestration of the entire product journey.

From the moment goods are manufactured, sourced, transported to your warehouse, packaged and processed right through to final delivery, every step is optimised for efficiency and visibility.

Our dedicated software modules are specially equipped to handle – 

Sourcing: Manage direct sourcing operations efficiently with our intuitive supplier set-up, sample management and critical path modules.

Compliance: Ensure international compliance and performance with tools for quality control, packaging optimisation, and ethical trade management.

Execution: Create your own supply chain control tower with forwarder-agnostic features, integrated platforms, and powerful functionalities.

Analytics: Gain actionable insights through predictive forecasting, machine learning, and data visualisation tools.  

Adapt quickly to market changes, identify trends and make informed decisions that positively impact your supply chain with our technology.

Real-Time Inventory Insights

For inventory managers, the integration of advanced analytical technology into your supply chain creates total transparency based on stock levels and duration of storage, distinguishing swiftly moving products from those requiring special attention.

This inbound visibility allows for informed decision making when it comes to linking inbound stock with actual demand, helping you to decide which goods to priorite and where to allocate resources.

Fast-moving goods can be identified promptly, ensuring that inventory levels align seamlessly with market demands.

This not only prevents stock outs or overstock situations but also optimises warehouse space, leading to reduced carrying and storage costs. 

EV Cargo’s supply chain software empowers businesses to respond dynamically to any potential bottlenecks, reroute shipments or adjust reorder points in response to changing circumstances.

Instantaneous Transportation Tracking

Not only does our software provide visibility of goods within your warehouses, it can also provide live tracking of goods in transit.

Movement from suppliers to warehouses, warehouses to stores and even final mile delivery direct to final customers can all be planned and monitored in real-time.

This means that operators can access accurate and up-to-the-minute information about the location and progress of their goods, enhancing overall transparency and customer satisfaction.

Alongside route optimisation software, real-time GPS and delivery monitoring our technology ensures minimal disruptions and accurate ETAs, minimising the risk of costly delays or bottlenecks.

The ultimate goal of this tracking feature is to streamline operations seamlessly. By having a complete, real-time overview, businesses can optimise their supply chain processes, reducing inefficiencies and enhancing overall performance.

This not only contributes to cost savings but also ensures that the supply chain operates at peak efficiency, meeting the demands of a dynamic market landscape.

In-Depth Data Analytics

EV Cargo’s software module doesn’t just overwhelm operators with excessive amounts of data, it transforms information into actionable intelligence. The real-time insights extracted from the software empower decision-makers to make strategic and timely decisions that resonate with broader business objectives.

Seamlessly navigating complex operational data, our supply chain technology leverages historical and real-time data by seamlessly integrating external data sources.   

The system’s simplified workflows drive attention to anomalies, ensuring that potential disruptions are managed in real-time, maintaining the flow of goods.

This data can then be seamlessly compiled into informative reports, saving time on otherwise lengthy manual data collection. 

By collecting and integrating valuable real time data within your supply chain, businesses are better able to optimise internal functions and predict KPIs, lead times, inventory turnover and on-time deliveries, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

Integrate Our Leading Technology to Your Supply Chain

At EV Cargo, we go above and beyond being a simple cargo company, we are committed to providing our customers an all-in-one supply chain solution.

Utilised by some of the world biggest brands, our specialist services allow us to enhance every facet of your supply chain, including –

Speak to our experts today to discuss your supply chain requirements.

For in-depth information about any of our advanced supply chain technologies and other services, visit our Insights section.

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