Backed by over 60 years of experience, we continue to power global supply chains through our freight transportation services alongside our advanced supply chain technology.

A crucial element of our integrated supply chain solutions is our tailored logistics services.

From storage, handling and fulfilment, our experts are here to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Let’s explore the benefits, features and flexibility of logistics services from EV Cargo.

What are Logistics Solutions?

Logistics services from EV Cargo are tailored to your specific requirements, both domestic and international.

Encompassing a wide range of processes, our logistics services are essential for the effective management of your supply chain, ensuring efficient inventory management and minimal disruption.

With flagship logistics facilities located throughout the UK and Europe, our services offer total flexibility, delivering bespoke storage, fulfilment and final mile delivery solutions to both international and domestic supply chains.

Already trusted by well-known retail, e-commerce and drinks brands, by choosing EV Cargo as a logistics partner, our customers trust our high quality logistics and value adding services to provide the expertise and experience required for an all-in-one, optimised supply chain solution. 

Our contract logistics services include – 

On-Demand Warehousing: Reliable, flexible and efficient, with our on-demand warehousing solutions, we are able to quickly set up an optimised warehouse space within weeks of initial enquiry. Our 50+ 3PL partners throughout the UK and Europe, enables us to provide solutions that meet your capacity, location and time requirements helping to mitigate the risk of disruptions to your operations. On-demand warehousing from EV Cargo is seamlessly scalable, adapting to seasonal demand variations, sales volatility or unexpected events with an emphasis on safety, cleanliness and security. Find a warehouse near you.

Order Fulfilment: We are able to support e-commerce and retail operations by processing, packing and fulfilling customer orders. The efficient and accurate processing of goods can be a tricky task to negotiate, and is critical to customer satisfaction. With contract logistics from EV Cargo, we take the difficulty out of handling orders, allowing you to focus on your primary business operations. Our sophisticated inventory management systems ensure optimal efficiency throughout the order fulfilment process.  

Supply Chain Visibility: Carefully monitor the movement of goods throughout your supply chain with EV Cargo’s powerful technology platform. Our intuitive technology allows users to proactively monitor and manage their supply chains, through sourcing, compliance and execution. Featuring SKU level inventory management, packaging optimisation and live order tracking, with our supply chain management software, you can power your decision making with in-depth analytics, streamlining performance and seamlessly managing complex processes with ease. Adopt a dynamic approach to your supply chain management with the end-to-end visibility and control offered by EV Cargo’s leading technology.

Final Mile Delivery: Transport your goods from any of our warehousing facilities directly to the door of your customers with our efficient final mile delivery service. Our connections with major courier services means that we offer a cost-effective delivery solution for urgent or smaller freight consignments. Our experts utilise route optimisation software, GPS tracking and real-time delivery monitoring technologies to ensure that drivers can efficiently navigate to their destination, minimising delays and providing accurate ETAs to your customers. Maintain customer satisfaction with prompt, high quality final mile delivery services from EV Cargo. 

Here at EV Cargo, we are experienced in working alongside major leading retail and consumer goods brands with our extensive infrastructure network and highly skilled teams.

Our long-term and short-term handling, storage and fulfilment solutions enable us to provide the highest levels of service flexibility with our contract logistics sites operating at optimal standards of safety, cleanliness and security.

Advantages of Logistics Services

Logistics services are vital for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Providing a host of benefits, our bespoke supply chain logistics services are tailored to your exact needs.

Some of the key advantages of utilising logistics services from EV Cargo include –

  • Cost Savings – Not only are our services available for competitive prices, we also help to minimise inventory holding and transportation costs. By refining your supply chain processes, businesses can save on overall operational spending.
  • Improved Efficiency – Our network of logistics experts streamlines your movement of goods, and supports you to achieve reduced lead times and faster order processing.
  • Expertise and Experience – Supported by vast industry knowledge, our professionals have comprehensive experience managing complex supply chains and transportation networks, meaning that we can help you optimise your practices and navigate challenges more efficiently.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – Our logistics services can be adapted to suit the changing needs of your business. Our scalable solutions can seamlessly accommodate fluctuations in demand, allowing your business to expand or condense operations as necessary.
  • Global Reach – Logistics services provide access to a vast global network of transportation, warehousing and distribution partners, providing a seamless means of international trade.
  • Environmental Sustainability – At EV Cargo, we place a huge emphasis on optimising our transportation modes to minimise carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of our practices.
  • Competitive Advantage – With our logistics services, you can gain a competitive edge. Enabling you to offer faster delivery times, lower costs and high levels of customer service, your business can stand out in your market.       

Speak to Our Experts

With our large multi-customer contract logistics operations, you can trust us to deliver leading services at competitive prices.

Our supply chain experts possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in developing world-class logistics solutions.

We have over 2500 logistics professionals across 150 countries, each ready and waiting to support you with your queries.If you wish to discuss any of our logistics solutions or any other of our innovative services, feel free to contact us today.