People and systems working in harmony

EV Cargo employs the very best use of technology. Continual investment in innovation ensures that technology is at the forefront of all processes at EV Cargo. Customers are able to thrive by benefitting from market-leading solutions.

EV Cargo’s innovative and varied use of technology on the road, ocean, railways, in the air and in warehouses has proven to be an award-winning approach that continuously works to overcome the challenges that customers face.

Innovative technology enabling efficiency and growth

EV Cargo has developed end-to-end supply chain management systems that are unique and tailored. Developed in-house using expertise in the management of supply chain solutions, customers benefit from user-friendly portals. From online booking through to vendor workflow and exception management, businesses have complete visibility of their freight from the beginning. We have the tools to assess, optimise and control the supply chains of all industries.

  1. Track and trace
  2. Order shipment delivery
  3. Document milestones
  4. Status analysis and reporting suites
  5. Intuitive supply chain software
  6. Transparent product lifecycle management software
  7. Thorough compliance software

A tailored supply chain network

Ensuring the synchronised execution of a supply chain network has never been so complex. EV Cargo supplies intelligent, intuitive supply chain management systems that are configurable to an organisation’s objectives and needs.

  • Improve collaboration
  • Reduce the use of time-consuming, manual systems
  • Unite processes
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve speed to market

From supplier to merchandising teams, EV Cargo’s experts design a system that confidently informs key supply chain operatives at every step of the process. Supply chain solutions strategically streamline processes and monitor key performance indicators to ensure that company objectives are being met.

Product lifecycle management software

EV Cargo develops the latest in product lifecycle management software. Using a critical path workflow, users can closely monitor data during the development of a product – from concept through to manufacturing and disposal. Integrate data and documents to provide the most cost efficient, creative outcome for a product by systematically tracking changes, providing data-driven insight.

  • Refine product quality
  • Enhance product collaboration and creativity
  • Improve visibility to lead-time risks
  • Maximise profitability by monitoring margins throughout

Combining a consultative, technology-first approach, EV Cargo develops advanced apps and systems that revolutionise the supply chain network and the product lifecycle.

Compliance management software

Ethics and sustainability are important to us too. At a critical time where our understanding of the environment, employee well-being and ethical standards is ever increasing, managing this area of a business can be complex. EV Cargo’s innovative, cloud-based compliance technology protects brands, people and the ecosystem, ensuring that organisations choose partnerships that align with its morals.

  • Enhance ethical and technical compliance
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Protect and grow the brand image
  • Identify compliance risks with ease

Transport management technology

EV Cargo is an expert at providing speed in response, using real-time data. Using this data, we conduct transport planning, load optimisation and route management. Warehouse and transport analysis allows us to provide the most cost-effective, streamlined supply chain solution that has considered sustainability, cost reduction and multimodal transport throughout.

Allow us to optimise the logistics of your business using advanced technology to drive growth.