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Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Management – your competitive advantage. EV Cargo’s unique proposition for supply chain management combines global experience, knowledge, expertise and resources.

Worldwide Supply Chain Management Services at a glance

EV Cargo’s unique proposition for supply chain management combines experience, knowledge, expertise and resources. The supply chain management team is the largest of its kind in the industry, offering our customers unrivalled levels of expertise and customer service worldwide.

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Freight management services

Our team of supply chain experts help customers achieve improved profitability and efficiency through their entire supply chain network.

Global freight procurement

We support our customers to negotiate and performance manage carrier contracts, whilst providing financial audit and automation.

Process and network optimisation

Our supply chain engineers are experienced in modelling network and inventory flows to design optimum route to market.

Vendor management

Our customers have a single access portal to manage vendor induction, compliance and purchase orders with ease.

Strategic sourcing

We support companies looking to develop direct factory sourcing, and drive efficiencies by migrating compliance programmes upstream.

Informed decision making

Digital control towers of real-time supply chain data supporting intelligent decision making and supply chain disruption avoidance.

Outsize and special cargo transport

We plan and execute the most demanding moves. Through meticulous planning we ensure the secure handling and transport of your consignment, by undertaking site and route surveys, producing method statements, and liaising with relevant bodies.

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Leveraging technology to transform supply chains

Our primary objective is to transform our customers’ supply chain by continuingly investing in people, services, and technology. Considerable investment in cloud-based technology provides customers with full transparency and allows for strategic deployment of resources, giving you the opportunity to focus on business-centric activities instead of day-to-day operations.

Our supply chain solutions are built to be client specific. We work hard to understand our customers’ businesses and the environments they operate in. We can help you to deliver these solutions, by streamlining processes and driving efficiencies to ensure that our customers’ supply chain provides a competitive advantage. Take a look at the industries we work with.

Your competitive advantage

Keeping your supply chain connected, efficient and responsive with our supply chain management services.

Improve collaboration across the entire supply chain

You’ll have effective collaboration between all parties, from supplier and freight forwarder, through to buying and merchandising teams.

Reduction in disparate systems and manual processes

You’ll gain intelligent insights to drive strategic programmes, as well as measured recommendations within the day-to-day operational decisions.

Optimise route to market

We provide unparalleled visibility from order placement through to delivery into destination.

Increase operational efficiency

You can track progress of key milestones while understanding associated costs, internal teams are armed to make informed and confident business decisions.

Frequently asked questions about Supply Chain Management

Yes, our system immediately reflects milestone updates allowing you to stay in control of your freight.

Yes, our market leading Client Management structure operates globally to ensure full visibility from origin to destination.This is replicated across all our stations from origin to destination ensuring we are always close to the action.

Our team of supply chain experts work in partnership with you to understand the intricacies of your supply chain, making use of a combination of experience, real-time and trending data to identify development initiatives.


Enhancing supply chain reliability and resilience

Our digital control towers can help enhance end-to-end visibility and, by leveraging technology-led and predictive analysis solutions, we can help improve reliability and efficiency.

With a range of global transport partners and enhanced reporting of real-time data, we can help increase your supply chain resilience through risk management and help protect against supply chain disruption.

We also offer supply chain consultancy services, to help you manage your supply chain needs.

Supply Chain Management Enquiries

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